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Obtain Alcoholic Beverages For Your Wedding Reception

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Being equipped with a list of the alcoholic beverages that you plan on serving during your wedding reception will help you stock the bar that you will be using to serve your guests. Contact some local liquor shop owners and request information about on-site sampling sessions and delivery services to help you prepare for the upcoming event. Your List Of Alcoholic Beverages Alcohol can be broken down into many categories, including wines, spritzers, spirits, craft beers, domestic and imported beers, session beers, and champagne. Read More»

4 Unusual Liquors To Try

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Vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila — if you like to drink liquor, you’ve probably had all of these. Of course, there are many creative ways to mix them and create interesting cocktails, but do you ever find yourself wishing there was something new to try?  There is.  Although they are not very common, you will sometimes find these less-popular, unusual liquors in liquor stores. If you come across any of them and are in the mood to branch out, give them a try. Read More»