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Tap Into Fun With The Beer Wall Wedding Trend

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Do you want a fun and unique statement feature for your wedding day? Then look no further than the beer wall. What is a beer wall? How can you create your own? And what should you stock it with? Here's what you need to know about this modern trend. 

What is a Beer Wall?

A beer wall is a relatively simple setup. It consists of a decorative wall that hides one or more kegs of beer. Taps are placed through holes in the wall so that guests can pour their own beers. The beer wall area also includes glasses, a few snacks, and some practical necessities to clean spills and keep the area sanitary. 

Can You Make a Beer Wall?

The good news for couples who want a beer wall is that you have several options to create your own signature beer wall. The most common is to build a simple wood wall structure on a freestanding frame. Behind the wall, include stands to hold the kegs at the appropriate heights and to secure them. Increasingly, companies provide ready-made beer walls which couples can rent for their wedding. 

You aren't limited to the basic wall structure, though. Are you having an outdoor wedding? Create a beer wall using the bed of an antique truck or hay wagon. Indoors, you might place a keg cooler on barrels of hay or make a fun frame that embraces the kegs and lets people enjoy the experience of drinking straight from the source. 

What Beer Should You Include?

The choice of beers is entirely up to you. Beer walls have grown in popularity alongside the growth of the craft beer industry, so the most popular beer wall choices are local craft brews. The number of beers chosen typically depends on what your alcohol budget is and how many people will attend the wedding and partake of the beer. 

You can, of course, serve more common and popular mainstream beers if you want. Because the point of a beer wall is for guests and wedding party members to have fun on their own terms, do select beers that your circle will enjoy. You might even consider special additions like home-brewed beer, hard cider, or wine. 

Where Should You Start?

Does a beer wall sound like the perfect way to add flair to your wedding day? Start by learning more about local and mainstream beer choices, keg rentals, and beer wall design by visiting a beer producer in your area today. With their help, you're sure to craft the best beer wall to wow your friends and family.  

Learn more about beer by visiting a local liquor store.