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4 Unusual Liquors To Try

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Vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila — if you like to drink liquor, you've probably had all of these. Of course, there are many creative ways to mix them and create interesting cocktails, but do you ever find yourself wishing there was something new to try? 

There is. 

Although they are not very common, you will sometimes find these less-popular, unusual liquors in liquor stores. If you come across any of them and are in the mood to branch out, give them a try.

1. Palinka

Palinka is a Hungarian spirit that can be traced back to the Middle Ages. It's made with a variety of orchard fruits, which typically include plums, apricots, apples, and pears. Hungary has strict regulations as to what qualifies as Palinka and how much fruit it can contain, so different brands tend to taste very similar. You can sip this liquor on its own. It's best when chilled just slightly. It's also nice if you add a little soda water to it, creating a sort of spritzer.

2. China-China

With its name, you would think this drink hailed from China, but in fact, it is French. China-China is sugar beet liquor flavored with orange peels. It's very aromatic and has a complex character. In France, connoisseurs of the drink will taste and compare different brands. The best way to enjoy its full essence is to sip a small amount from a tiny sherry glass. You could also use it to add character to a vodka soda or other simple cocktail.

3. Batavia Arrack

Batavia Arrack is a very old-fashioned liquor that originated on the island of Java when it was colonized by the Dutch. Made from sugar beet and rice liquor, it has a funky character and may remind you a bit of sake. In the old days, Batavia Arrack was used to make punch. You could do the same with it today. It's delicious when combined with an assortment of fruit juices and sodas.

4. Fernet

Fernet is a liquor that is made in Italy but is very common in Argentina. It's heavily flavored with herbs and spices including cardamom, chamomile, and saffron. Typically, fernet is served in a tiny glass prior to a meal, but some people enjoy it after a meal alongside coffee or dessert.

The world of liquors is incredibly vast. If you come across any of these, definitely give them a try.