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Try Whiskey From One Of These Countries

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If you enjoy drinking whiskey, you likely choose products from one of a few different nations. Many people favor United States-made whiskey, but you might also enjoy drinking whiskey that comes from Ireland or Scotland. For any enthusiast of this beverage, it can be fun to experience whiskies from other nations. When you visit your local liquor store, take some time to check out its selection of whiskey products. You might be surprised to see just how many nations around the world produce whiskey that you can buy locally. Here are some options that you may wish to try. 


When you think of alcohol that comes from Japan, there's a good chance that you first think of sake—a fermented rice alcohol that people often enjoy drinking when they eat sushi. You may not know that Japan also has a vibrant whiskey industry, with many products readily available in the US. The flavor of these products can vary significantly; you'll find some that have a taste that is quite similar to American-made whiskey, while other products have more smoky flavor notes. If you're planning to make some Japanese cuisine for dinner or even order takeout, it can be fun to have some Japanese whiskey on hand.


France is synonymous with wine; if you're a wine collector, there's a good chance that you have a bottle of French wine in your storage rack or wine fridge. France also has a large whiskey industry, so you shouldn't have trouble finding one of these products at your local store. This beverage is produced in many different regions of France, which can give it slightly different tastes that a whiskey aficionado may notice. You may wish to serve this drink with appetizers such as French cheese and bread.


Like many countries, Germany has a beverage-producing reputation that doesn't specifically tie into whiskey. This European nation, in particular, is known for its beer. However, German whiskey is increasingly popular and often available at US liquor stores. Whiskey from Germany has many similar flavor characteristics as whiskey from other parts of the world, but there are specific products that have more pronounced sweet notes, spice notes, and smoky notes. If you're making or ordering German food for dinner with friends, plan to have a bottle of German whiskey available for cocktails.

Look for these and other nations' whiskey products at your local liquor store.