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The Science Of Pale Ale: Uncovering The Chemistry And Biology Behind Your Favorite Beer

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As a pale ale enthusiast, you probably really appreciate the light, refreshing taste that this style of beer brings to the table, especially on a warm summer’s day, and you’ve likely experienced the incredible variety of flavors and aromas that this beer style has to offer. But have you ever wondered about the science that goes into creating your favorite brew? From yeast fermentation to hop selection, there’s a lot of chemistry and biology behind pale ale production, and a basic understanding may increase your overall enjoyment of your next glass of pale ale beer. Read More»

Craft Whiskey Tasting Tips: A Comprehensive Guide For Connoisseurs

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If you’re just beginning your journey with craft whiskey, you’re probably looking forward to exploring various types of this flavorful spirit — and you can get the most from the experience with the following tasting tips: Preparing for the Tasting  Before diving into the flavors of craft whiskey, it’s important to create the right atmosphere and gather the necessary tools. Choose a quiet and comfortable space free from distractions, and ensure you have the following items on hand: Read More»

Basic Spirits Every Home Bartender Needs To Know About

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Generally, liquor refers to fermented ingredients that have gone through the process of distillation. If you want to upgrade your ability to serve alcohol in your home bar, it’s important to know the type of liquor that is out there and the characteristics of the most common types of liquor. Hard Liquor Basics Hard liquor is generally liquor that has little or no sugar added to it. Because of this, hard liquor tends to be more alcoholic and can be more potent. Read More»

Sparkling Wine And Twinkling Eyes: Starting Your Own Eye-Catching Collection Of Designer Champagnes

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Collections are meant to be enjoyed, by both the collector and those who like vintage or rare items. Collections can consist of anything, from buttons to vehicles. If you are someone who enjoys vintage or designer champagnes, starting a collection can be a rewarding hobby. Designer champagnes can be collected in a number of different ways to build a satisfactory collection. Here are three tips for starting a designer champagne collection. Read More»

Liquor Licensing Assistance For Spas, Restaurants, Bars, And Clubs

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Beer, wine, and spirits are staples in every culture. Sharing alcoholic beverages can be an important bonding experience, and offering these drinks at your establishment will allow you to cater to your customers and improve your sales. Liquor license assistance firms can help you get the documentation you need to start serving liquor in your spa, restaurant, bar, or club. Your liquor licensing assistance expert will be there to help you every step of the way. Read More»

Tap Into Fun With The Beer Wall Wedding Trend

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Do you want a fun and unique statement feature for your wedding day? Then look no further than the beer wall. What is a beer wall? How can you create your own? And what should you stock it with? Here’s what you need to know about this modern trend.  What is a Beer Wall? A beer wall is a relatively simple setup. It consists of a decorative wall that hides one or more kegs of beer. Read More»

Obtain Alcoholic Beverages For Your Wedding Reception

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Being equipped with a list of the alcoholic beverages that you plan on serving during your wedding reception will help you stock the bar that you will be using to serve your guests. Contact some local liquor shop owners and request information about on-site sampling sessions and delivery services to help you prepare for the upcoming event. Your List Of Alcoholic Beverages Alcohol can be broken down into many categories, including wines, spritzers, spirits, craft beers, domestic and imported beers, session beers, and champagne. Read More»

4 Unusual Liquors To Try

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Vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila — if you like to drink liquor, you’ve probably had all of these. Of course, there are many creative ways to mix them and create interesting cocktails, but do you ever find yourself wishing there was something new to try?  There is.  Although they are not very common, you will sometimes find these less-popular, unusual liquors in liquor stores. If you come across any of them and are in the mood to branch out, give them a try. Read More»