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Sparkling Wine And Twinkling Eyes: Starting Your Own Eye-Catching Collection Of Designer Champagnes

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Collections are meant to be enjoyed, by both the collector and those who like vintage or rare items. Collections can consist of anything, from buttons to vehicles. If you are someone who enjoys vintage or designer champagnes, starting a collection can be a rewarding hobby. Designer champagnes can be collected in a number of different ways to build a satisfactory collection. Here are three tips for starting a designer champagne collection. 

Go to major events for designers who offer champagne  

There are large companies that will put out limited champagne for a special event. Companies such as Lamborghini and Louis Vuitton have put out limited edition champagnes for special events or during special times of the year. One of the ways that you can easily get one of these collectors bottles is to attend events. Store openings, special sporting events, and formal celebrations for the companies can net you a bottle of designer champagne. If you have any questions about being able to take home a bottle, you can always speak with the host of the event or a catering company for the event to be sure to get the bottle plus any accessories that may accompany the receipt of the bottle. 

Search during holiday times at fine markets

Some companies will introduce special bottles of wine and champagne during the holiday season. These often come in a different, decorative bottle than usual liquors from the company. Sometimes holiday sets come with multiple items along with the alcohol, such as a cocktail shaker, rocks glass, or engraved wine glass to celebrate the season. Fine markets and luxury retailers are likely to carry limited edition champagnes during the country's holiday seasons. Some will sell these champagnes, such as Verve Cliquot and Dom Perignon online during these special seasons.

Join online communities for wine and champagne collectors

One of the best ways to meet other individuals who have access to collector champagnes is to join an online community for other collectors. Wine and champagne collectors may have more than one of each champagne that they have collected and be willing to sell. Others will have tips about how to find old champagnes. Sometimes finding these collector champagnes will involve traveling to another city or country in order to be able to inspect and purchase specific champagnes.

Since some sparkling wines are regional, you will need tips from others who live in or have traveled to the region to determine which shops sell the champagnes that you are looking to collect. An online community will help you gain collector wisdom and can set you up to earn new friendships as well. 

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