Louis Roederer Cristal Rose 2006 (1.5L Magnum)

Louis Roederer Cristal Rose 2006 (1.5L Magnum)


150cl 12%

Louis Roederer Cristal Rose mimics the color of salmon, tinted by luminous shades of gold. Its Pinot Noir bouquet yells nothing but the tender breath of the first fruits of summer. The fusion of its subtle sweetness and stimulating tanginess promotes a sense of balance. It is dominant in the ocean of overflowing gold but, the Pinot Noir’s purifying bouquet never deserts the equally astonishing, autumnal aromas of roasted almonds and gingerbread. The flow is steady with a consistent stream of bubbles, giving it a wholly, natural volume. Though aggressive on the palate upon contact, it gradually reveals its innocence ; gentleness, mildness, and harmony. Louis roederer Cristal Rose is well-integrated and packed with fruity freshness.



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