Delamain Grande Champagne Cognac 1973

Delamain Grande Champagne Cognac 1973


70cl 40%

Delamian Grande Champagne is yet another triumph of the House Delamain, rare and outstanding in the vintage era. Veiled by a scintillating and clear copper tint, symbolizing utmost nobility and elegance. Its bouquet trumpets finesse to the finest, a matutinal wind conveying the lusciousness of fruits and the tranquility of the earthen vitality as a culmination of 40 years of maturity in wooden casks, closely connected with the energy of the earth. On the palate, its potent complexity still not elaborated on the nose, reveals its enchanting beauty with great depth and a lavish, abundant stream of vibrant fruits. Amazingly fulfilling and gratifying to the senses, this cognac has no skepticism in its capacity to astonish its savorers.

Delamain Grande Champagne Cognac 1973 truly is a testimony of great artistry and grandeur.


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