A E Dor Cigar Cognac

A E Dor Cigar Cognac


(70cl 42%)

A.E. Dor Cigar Cognac is produced by the formidable cognac house, A. E. Dor. It features a uniquely formulated blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne along with soupçons of Fins Bois and Borderies to achieve infinite saturation. Its bouquet radiates the fruity and bountiful aroma of golden autumnal harvests of spice and apricots. The taste of this savored cognac conveys the invigorating and toasted character of oak to the finest, along with the subtle convergence of Manuka honey, dried peels, and caramel. It finishes with a silkily deep and warm honey presence whose contemporary is the grounding aroma of wood, reminiscent of the barrels of oak it is aged in. A. E. Dor Cigar Cognac is robust and full-bodied and it complements well with a cigar to induce a sensually satisfying experience.






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